Why should you shift from branded drugs to generic drugs?

The huge drug mafia, the exorbitant prices of medicines which keeps on rising, the commission greed of doctors all have led towards commercialization of health sector. Government across the world have come up with policies to create awareness among people to shift to generic drugs.

The saved costs of research create an environment in generic manufacturers to produce cheaper priced drugs of the same composition. But it is paramount to know the way to determine which generic drug is to be used for what brand. This empowerment installs confidence in drug buyers to make optimum choices. Here we discuss the way to determine the generic drugs.

Safety first:

When you shift from branded drugs to generic ones, the first question you ought to think about is safety. Food and Drug Administration or the FDA requires a generic drug to ensure the same composition as that of generic drugs: It should have the same strength, active ingredient, uses, effects, the method of consumption and testing standards. Rest assured, you could be confident about the best quality. Rxshopmd is one of the leading providers of generic drugs.

Factors that might cause confusion:

A generic drug would, however, have the same composition, but it is not necessary that it will come in the same packet as your branded drug might come in. The generic drugs might vary from the branded providers in respect of the shape, size, packaging, color, preservatives, and taste.

Special considerations for special drugs:

A group of drugs classified as NTI or Narrow Therapeutic Index needs special attention. FDA is silent about this but drug activists have warned against this. Some states have special laws governing these drugs. The family of this drug includes a blood thinner called warfarin, a heart condition healer by name of digoxin and a drug called theophylline that treats conditions such as asthma, COPD and some of the lung diseases.

Critical condition:

Generic drugs as an alternative are not available for all branded drugs. But for which they are available, nevertheless are safe as ensured by the FDA. But if you are suffering from some critical conditions, you need to consult a doctor before shifting to generic drugs. Critical conditions may include very high blood sugar, very low blood pressure, etc. In such circumstances, you can get your prescription modified by the doctor. However, if he strongly feels you shouldn’t substitute then he will write ‘Do Not Substitute’ at the top of your prescription

Cross-checking the proper generic drug:

Every generic drug comes with a generic name instead of a brand name. So you could note down the milligrams of a particular composition that is written on the label of the generic drug and then compare it with the branded drug label.

An example is demonstrated here: Suppose the prescription says Aspirin then check the composition on the label. Let us assume that it is mentioned as acetylsalicylic acid. Then proceed to check the composition written on the generic drug. If it matches then proceed to the next step. Now check the milligrams (mg) as mentioned in the branded drug’s label. If it is 150mg then cross check it with the generic one. Proceed to buy the generic drug only if step one and step two is matched completely. You can buy all the available generic drugs from rxshopmd.com.

Shifting from branded drugs to generic drugs is a simple process which saves the burden on your pockets. It would take just a couple of trials to adjust to this shifting and would prove to be cost effective on a long term.