Why Penis Enlargement Has Become So Popular

There are two structures that make the penis. The first structure of the penis is the urethra, which is the channel that transfers urine out of the bladder. The second structure is the erectile body also known as the corpus cavernosum which is basically a massive blood sponge that rapidly fills with blood to create an erection.

Penis Enlargement Options

The penis enlargement market continues to gain in popularity year after year. In fact, in a recent medical journal, researchers found that only 55% of men were satisfied with their penises. Luckily, a whopping 85% of women who were surveyed reported that they were happy with the size of their partner’s penis.


In an ideal world, you could pop a natural supplement which would lead to an enlarged penis in minutes. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds! There are thousands of companies all over the world that try to sell you this miracle supplement. At best, it won’t hurt you, and it won’t help you either. At worst, a lot of these ‘natural’ supplements consist of sildenafil which is very dangerous and often deadly especially in men taking nitrates for heart conditions.

Most supplements ingredients boost nitric oxide levels like l-arginine or l-citrulline that may increase the blood flow to the penis. Therefore, this could create a partial erection or an increase in plumpness, but it won’t actually lengthen the penis.


For years, plastic surgeons have tried incising the ligaments that anchor the penis to the pubic bone. However, the result of this procedure causes the flaccid penis to drop lower but it doesn’t lengthen the penis at all. Surgeons have also tried shaving back the penis and wrapping biologic or artificial tissue around the penis to add girth. Now, these are excellent options for men that suffer from impotence, but unfortunately, it won’t make the penis any larger.

Luckily, there’s now a non-surgical effective way to enlarge the penis offered at Man Cave Sydney penis extension clinic. It’s a non-invasive procedure that harvests the body’s own growth factors to stimulate and regenerate penile tissue.

Penile traction

There is a company that makes a penile traction device for Peyronie’s Disease that claims it produces improved penile length for men who have Peyronie’s Disease, but this unique device has not been studied in men that do not suffer from Peyronie’s Disease.

So what’s a man meant to do? Have you thought about trying to lose some weight? A study conducted a few years ago reported that men who lost 30 pounds or more gained an inch back of their exposed penile length.

In the end, the most important thing for you to do is to conduct some thorough research and try not to be tempted by claims that sound too good to be true, because they probably are, and don’t be afraid to seek out a sexual medicine specialist to discuss further.