Why Dubai has become a prevalent option for the Hair Restoration Treatment

In this current scenario, the hair transplant procedure is becoming a familiar option as a permanent solution to the problem of pattern hair loss. Everywhere it is now a top decision to solve the issue of balding. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are getting the popularity due to the best facilities and arrangement to the standard parameter of hygiene and safety concerns. The hair transplant in Dubai offers you the kinetic option to get the treatment option with the budget plan. People from all over the world interested in taking the service of the restoration procedure because of their permanent effect in terms of live hair follicles that regrow with the fullness of caliber, texture, color and natural length. The affordable hair transplant Dubai cost attracts the clients all over the world, especially from the USA, UK, and Europe. All these countries provide the service of restoration at a very expensive cost that motivates a patient to change the decision option and go ahead with those selections that fit in your pocket, easiness of location, and the advantage of the medical tourism option. Therefore, Dubai gets popularity to provide the plastic & cosmetic surgeries.

In this article we will highlight those Points that made Dubai a popular option in the Hair Transplant Procedure described below:

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  1. Reputed clinic Establishment in Dubai: Todays, most of the renowned and recognized clinics or hair transplant centre are interested in establishing their setups in Dubai by seeing the increasing relevance of the procedural decision in Dubai. And so, Indian Surgeons also took a step forward in the same direction and established their centre branches in Dubai. The service provided by these centres offers low-cost service facilities that are bouncing factor to generate the patients from another nation, including the UAE patient.
  2. The Cost-friendly Decision: The cost of hair transplant applicable in Dubai is somewhere around 1lacts to 3 lacs INR/, which is as same as that of the Indian cost plan. The price influencing factor for the hair transplant surgery is same everywhere, but the rate applied for per graft is differentiated by the expenditure power of the people residing in the particular geographical location as well as the per capita income in the respective country. Choosing the procedural decision in Dubai is cost-friendly as the lesser cost for the service provider nation now established their clinics in Dubai.
  3. The use of the Cutting-edge technology: The use of advanced tools and technology adds perfection in performing the procedure by adding the accuracy and clarity to view the thing in a more precise manner. The use of higher magnification of microscopes both 20X and 200X aided the process of hair graft dissection with a precise vision. The use of Carl Zeiss lenses and some advanced tools like robotic punching,  Neo-Graft, I-Brain robotics help on the graft extraction job, but the perfection in the same only possible when the Surgeon is with expert hand and mind. Notably, the hair transplant procedure in Dubai has an option to receive the treatment from the world’s best surgeon and Doctor at an easy cost.


Choosing the cosmetic surgery plan in Dubai offers many things in a single package with the added advantages of the economic price, best hand of the surgeon, reputed clinic and the last, but not least the use of advanced tools and technology influx the client interest to visit the country.