Why Choose a Coffee Subscription?

There are a lot of ways to get a cup of coffee. You could head to the coffee shop, of course. It could be a local boutique or one of those coffee chains that seems to exist on every street-corner in America. Or you could head to the grocery store or the big-box store to buy a bag of coffee and brew your own at home. But there is one other way to get a great cup of coffee that you may be overlooking which is the coffee subscription box. Here’s why you should consider it.

You’ll save money

Budgeting experts agree that our morning cup of coffee is one of the sneakiest budget-beaters around. While we might not bat an eye at paying $2, $3, or even $4 for a cup of coffee, that little expense ads up fast. Want a fancy coffee-based milkshake drink? That will cost you more. Want to grab a coffee in the afternoon as a pick-me-up even though you already got your morning cup of joe? Now you’ve doubled your coffee expenses for the day. And even at just a few bucks, coffee expenses add up over time. If you pay $3 for coffee every day of the year, you’ll end up spending well over one thousand dollars on coffee annually.

The solution is to brew your coffee at home. You could figure out your coffee budget and shop for deals every week or two — or you could just relax and sign up for a cost-saving subscription. Having a convenient coffee subscription will encourage you to do so, because you’ll get delicious and exciting types of coffee beans and grounds delivered regularly to your door. You’ll never have to hit the coffee shop because you’ve forgotten to buy coffee at home, and at just a few cents per cup, your home-brewed coffee will save you around a thousand dollars a year.

You’ll expand your coffee horizons

You don’t have to know coffee to love coffee. Many of us are content to drink whatever our local coffee shop offers up. We might discover a great blend thanks to the advice of a coffee shop employee, but we just don’t have time to look up the latest and greatest coffee options ourselves.

With a subscription box, you’ll be able to try all sorts of different flavors from a selection of coffee options that has been curated by an expert team. Consider your coffee subscription to be a survey course, and try all sorts of different flavors, roasts, and regional varieties.

You can also make different types of coffee beverages out of those different types of coffee, of course. Try out cold brewing and other advanced methods.

It’s just plain convenient

Brewing your coffee at home can save you time as well as money. It takes just a few minutes to whip up a great cup of coffee, and you can always set your coffee maker on a timer or brew cold-brewed coffee overnight in your refrigerator if you’re worried about wasting even a short time in the morning. Compare that to waiting in line at the drive-through or in a coffee shop, worrying the whole time that the folks in front of you are going to make you late for work.

Of course, brewing at home has its own chores. You’ll have to remember to buy coffee when you’re at the grocery store, or, at least, you would have to remember that — if you didn’t have a great coffee subscription service. If you’re enjoying a convenient coffee subscription service, you can count on the beans and grounds you need being delivered to you regularly. It’s a never-ending supply of coffee, and it takes one more chore off of your to-do list. This feature makes coffee subscription options a great choice for businesses, too.

So shop around! Find the best coffee subscription for you and sign up. You’ll end up saving money, discovering great new types of coffee, and living a more convenient life as a coffee connoisseur.