Where to Find the Right Fitness Classes 

Most fitness centers are expanding classes to support workouts of all types. Whether looking to make drastic changes or just enjoy working out, there’s a class for it.

1. Strength training

You don’t always have to spend gym time grunting at weights to be tone and strong. Strength and core classes are proving there are alternatives ways to get the same results. Strength training provides benefits that weight training does not like:

  • bone health protection
  • chronic disease management
  • developing a stronger, leaner physique

Fitness classes like Body Pump and XTR1000 use a faster pace and shorter rest periods. That keeps your heart pumping and the calories burning to strengthen your body and sculpt your core.

2. Dance Fitness

Do you love to dance? You can do what you love and improve your health inclusively. Dance fitness is one of the leading classes to improve your cardiovascular. The health benefits are endless. These are just a few of the numerous things to love about dance fitness.

Key improvements include:

  • muscle strength
  • body toning
  • weight control

Zumba, MUV your Body and MUV Energy gets keeps the fun going and your body moving. You can even put your ballet skills to use with Barre fitness. While dancing the pounds away, you will not even realize it’s a workout.

3. Traditional Fitness Classes

In with the old and out with the new. Traditional classes will still whip you into shape if venturing out is not your thing. You can increase both your cardiovascular and lung functions. There is also the benefit of working with a group of people that are working toward the same goal.

The right gym is sure to include classes that are the foundation of group fitness. A variety of Aqua aerobics, Yoga and Pilates classes put a twist on the original to bring you something different every day. If you are looking for more intensity, spin classes are still on the schedule too.

An array of group classes will help you achieve your goals. Finding the right one comes down to identifying your interests and matching them with what the fitness class schedule.

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