What you should know about Deep Cleaning or SRP

Do you often wonder about deep cleaning? Do you think SRP has been misunderstood? You should rest assured that deep cleaning and SRP (scaling and root planing) have been deemed the same thing. While the SRP has been deemed a technical term, several dentists would refer it to ‘Gum Therapy.’ It has been deemed such for increasing the resistance of the public to deep cleanings.

In event of you having multiple less than four mm probing depths along with bone loss, you would definitely benefit from an SRP. Dr. Gregory Bangiyev suggests that regular cleaning would not be sufficient. The scientific literature has been conclusive on the efficacy and benefit of the procedure.

Understanding scaling and root planing

The SRP would be done to scrape the calculus below the gum line and off the roots of your teeth. It would be done either using a metal scaler of an ultrasonic scaler. The calculus that has been formed from hardened plaque and naturally produced from saliva and food with the passage of time would be removed mechanically from the teeth.

With the periodontal disease progressing, the natural pockets between the tissue of your teeth and the gums tend to grow deeper. It would enable the calculus to be formed further down the root of your tooth. With the passage of time, it would further enhance the problem. As a result, you would have inflammation, bone loss, infection, and loss of the tooth.

The goal of the SRP has been deemed to remove the calculus. It would enable the pockets to tighten around the tooth again. Therefore, you would need the expert services of Dr. Artur Bababekov, who would help you gain a better and potential outcome.

Necessity of SRP

It would be pertinent to mention here that SRP should not be deemed a magic bullet. It would also be imperative to remember that the need for SRP has been a clear indication that you have been suffering from active periodontal disease. You should look for a competent and reliable dentist in the New Hyde Park, NY region for regular periodontal maintenance. It would usually be every three months.

In case, you have probing depths less than 4mm pockets, you should rest assured that there would be less measurable advantages to the process. Moreover, it would be deemed unwarranted. It would be pertinent to mention here that greater probing depth would benefit largely from the procedure. However, the success of the procedure is based on the kind of dentist you look forward to hiring in the Lake Success, NY region.