What is So Special for CBD Oil Capsule Use

CBD oil capsule is a dietary supplement in which CBD (cannabidiol) is the content substance. CBD oil capsule consists of a combination of vegetable oil (usually olive oil, coconut oil, or hemp seed oil) and the cannabinoid CBD.Cannabidiol is one of the ingredients of the mixture. The vegetable oil is mainly intended to make an exact dosage possible. Intake is usually done orally by dropping some CBD drops under the tongue. It is possible to determine exactly how much CBD he / she receive by taking a few or more CBD drops.

Product i.e.CBD oil capsule

The CBD CAPSULES are made from industrial hemp. In industrial hemp there is a relatively large amount of cannabidiol. In addition, the THC content in industrial hemp is negligibly small.

First of all, industrial hemp is made with a kind of oil with a very high concentration of CBD. This is then diluted with a vegetable oil, so that very accurate dosing of CBD is possible.

Select CBD oil capsule

Not only because of the overkill of information about CBD on the internet it can be difficult to choose the right CBD oil capsule, but also because it is very personal which oil best suits someone. That is why we discuss below the most important issues that you need to look out for when choosing the right oil with CBD.

Percentages CBD 

A frequently asked question from people who want to use CBD oil capsule for the first time is how to know which percentage is most suitable.

Unfortunately, no clear answer can be given here, since every person responds differently to CBD. Our advice is:

  • 1% – 2.5%: children and pets
  • 5% – 25%: adults
  • As you can see, the range in adults is very wide. If you have never used CBD before, it is best to start with CBD oil capsule with a slightly lower percentage (5-10%). Later you can always try CBD oil capsule with a higher concentration of cannabidiol.

Three types of CBD 

In the webshop they offer roughly three types of CBD:

  • Pure (organic)
  • Raw
  • Water-soluble

CBD oil capsule pure (organic)

  • Pure (organic) CBD oil capsule consists of a mixture of organic hemp seed oil with CBD paste with pure CBD.
  • This is because the CBD paste for this form is obtained by means of the hot extraction method whereby all CBDA is converted into CBD.
  • The indicated CBD percentage (2.5%, 5%, 10%, etc.) in this CBD oil capsule is therefore pure CBD.
  • CBD oil capsule pure means only CBD (no other cannabinoids present)

CBD oil capsule RAW

The CBD oil capsule RAW consists of a mixture of organic hemp seed oil with CBD paste, in which CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and CBV are present in addition to CBD. In addition, valuable pigments, terpenes and phenols are also present in this type of oil.

The reason for these extra substances is that the used CBD paste has been obtained by means of a cold extraction method. As a result, no CBDA has been converted into CBD and no substances have been broken down.