Treadmill the Best Workout Machine for Losing Weight?

Many things will help you lose weight. Eating right, cutting out fat and sweets, drinking more water, and taking up cardio are all things nearly everyone can do to lose weight.

But what is the best machine for losing weight? There are many to choose from nowadays. Stationary bicycles are a common one that is used for building muscle and raising the heart rate.

Specialty machines like a Bowflex, which are often used to target the abs, are another sought-after way to lose weight.

The good, old-fashioned treadmill is sometimes overlooked in the search for the newest and trendiest machines out there.

This simple machine, designed to help you run indoors at various inclines and speeds, is known for being a real calorie-burner.

Some people say that they are bored on their treadmill and they search for something that involves a lot of extra parts and special motions to accelerate muscle growth. But the secret to this machine lies in its simplicity.

See, there are many workouts you can do with more complex machines. You might be trying to master your abs.

You might buy special leg presses and take up all sorts of weight machines with accessories like Kettlebells.

These types of workouts will give you a lot of variety. They will stimulate your brain for a while, and you may trim those abs using them.

But they don’t build something very important for long-term weight loss: stamina. To keep going on your workouts for years and years, you need to build stamina and aerobic ability.

You also need to be able to do light activity some days, and give yourself a break.

Most machines on the market are pretty great for building muscle, which always helps you lose weight.

But a treadmill is the best because it prepares your body for long-term transformation. It’s hard to keep the pounds off on a novelty workout, even if your initial excitement gets you results.

A treadmill is a rhythmic machine that uses natural cadence to soothe the mind and slowly build endurance.

Many people in sports recommend a treadmill warm-up, no matter what your workout is at the gym, because it utilizes the largest muscles in the body – the thighs – and gets your whole body into the activity at hand.

Whether you walk or run at first, you will benefit from the endurance you build on the treadmill and carry that ability through to the rest of your workout. That ability to keep going is what really keeps weight off in the long run.

Running is a major calorie burner – in fact it is one of the highest energy activities you can take up. Everyone who needs to lose weight should consider running for a warm up at the very least.

If you want to stay lean in the long run, you can run on a treadmill and do at least a 20-minute run a minimum of three times a week.

This is the generally recommended length of time to build aerobic endurance over the long term. If you want to get better than average, you can always run more! The treadmill is your best bet at running year-round at the gym.