The effect of tooth sensitivity in eating habits

Tooth sensitivity is yet another problem which may happen to anybody. Irrespective of the condition of the teeth, sensitivity can prove to be very painful and also disheartening for any foodie. It is caused due to excessive brushing and flossing. In the teeth the innermost layer is called dentin, and is quite soft and delicate. It is protected by a harder layer known as enamel. The roots of the tooth are also saved by gums, but under certain circumstances if the enamel is worn down or gum line gets damages then the dentin gets exposed.

The consequences which you may face when you get sensitive gum:

  • Consumption of any cold or hot foodstuffs will cause pain in the roots of your tooth. This can be very painful, because each time this happens the pain stays for a few minutes before wearing off.

  • Due to the continuous problems, you might lose your appetite and hence suffer from excess weight loss. This can easily happen because the nerves in the dentin are exposed to hot, cold, food particles etc., causing pain in the root.

What can be the reason behind sensitivity?

  • Too much dental assistance like whitening and cleaning of teeth can hamper the enamel, thus wearing it off and exposing dentin.

  • A chipped tooth can also be the cause behind it. As the broken part’s gum or root gets in frequent contact with the food particles, it gets affected. And after sometimes starts causing toothache due to the sensitivity.

  • Brushing teeth too hard, can cause enamel loss. This can be prevented by using USB charging toothbrush, or electric toothbrush. The continuous automatic movement of bristles is enough to get the perfect cleaning without causing any damages.

The situation must be treated as early as possible to avoid any of complications to arise. Nowadays the sensitivity relief toothpaste is ruling the markets. They work by sealing the affected area, and hence prevent the nerves from catching any hot or cold sensations from the food stuff. Also consider using a soft bristled brush with it, to maximize the benefits out of it.