Southport Dental Serves All the Dental Needs of the Entire Family

Almost everyone wants a sparkling smile that is the picture of health. There are a few people that have that naturally. Southport Dental offers those that don’t general and cosmetic dentistry treatments. They do this in relaxed and modern environment which ensures a comfortable experience where they use the newest equipment and latest materials.

Family practice

Southport Dental is a family dental practice that offers dental solutions that are affordable using five-star service. This team is quite passionate about their dental service they offer to Southport and Gold Coast community. Any family will enjoy the personalised dental treatments that improve confidence and quality of life.

Patients of all ages

Southport Dental Dentists Gold Coast sees patients of all ages. For the highest standards in dental maintenance, prevention, and treatment, Southport Dental can always be trusted. This team will provide all your dental needs. Southport Dental goes further than only maintaining your gums and teeth, as they achieve beautiful smiles that are lasting.

Welcome children and infants

As a family dental practice, this dental practice is glad to welcome children. They have an understanding that younger patients need to begin at an early age to take care of teeth for good health. They help to raise children who enter adult hood never having needs of fillings. It is so important that children grow up with attitude’s that are position towards dental health, and nurture that healthy attitude.

Regular exam and hygiene appointment lead children to feeling comfortable about visiting the dentist and is to be interested in the health of their teeth. Establishing a relationship with a dentist and good preventive habits from an age that is early and is something everyone agrees is quite important.


The fast way to whiten your teeth is an in-office treatment. Currently that has a promotion of $550. This in-office system has variable intensity setting so every treatment is customized for the best in patient comfort.

At home whitening treatment is much cheaper with trays that are custom made and whitening gel. The patient will be able to finish this treatment in their own home.

New patients

Patient’s who are new can receive an exam and x-rays for $150. This begins with a complete comprehensive examination with digital radiographs with a rebate for private health fund carrier and $150 for those non-health fund carriers.