Reshape Balloon: the perfect affordable tool to lose weight

It has been noticed every year that there are many people around the world who spend a hefty amount of money just to shed their weight. They generally follow diet programs, gym memberships, weight loss supplements, food delivery services, and various other things that claim to help in losing weight. But despite spending all that money and making all those efforts, the obesity rate continues to rise across the globe. So if you are tired of wasting your money, time, and efforts in all such procedures just to get disappointing results, then you must go with the Reshape balloon Dubai. This nonsurgical procedure is a tried, tested and proven formula of losing weight if you are ready to make a life-changing commitment to ward off weight and stay fit.

Unlike the traditional weight loss programs of restrictive diets and exercises for which you pay every month, this gastric balloon procedure in Dubai is a one-time expenditure. It will include the insertion and removal of the gastric balloon along with expert guidance on diet and exercise. The procedure is very affordable in the city and will cost you around AED 15,000 i.e around $4100. This expenditure includes the cost for the complete program designed to help you lose weight by gastric balloon and keep it off. A Reshape specialist in Dubai can help you with finding all options available in making the procedure affordable for you.

He/she can help you:

  • Understand every kind of financing options that can help in bringing the cost of the gastric procedure to reasonable monthly payments.
  • Help you in talking to your family about your weight loss goals and make them understand the entire costs involved in the procedure clearly.

How does it help in losing weight?

The procedure involves the insertion of two connected saline water-filled balloons. These gastric balloons are made of medical-grade silicone and are placed in your stomach for a period of 6 months. These balloons actually occupy around 2/3rd of the total space in your stomach and create a feeling of fullness very quickly. For instance, your stomach can hold about 1200cc of food. When inserted, the saline water balloons take up 900cc of that available space and you will be left with only 300 cc of space to fill with food. This way you will consume less amount of food.

The magic of the gastric balloon lies in your ability to stop eating as soon as you start feeling full. But if you keep on eating even after feeling full, you may experience stomach cramping, nausea, and gastric reflux symptoms.

However, this feeling of satiety is only a part of the procedure. The real work of the procedure will be done by you as it is you who will have to experiment with smaller, healthier meals and portion sizes. You will have a team of expert dieticians to guide you throughout the procedure. They will tell what to eat and guide you in making healthier choices. This cost of getting help and advice from the experts is also included in the total cost mentioned above.