Preventing Tooth Sensitivity With Dental Tooth Mousse

Often people suffering from sensitivity issue go through pain in their teeth while eating, brushing or flossing. Sensitivity mainly happens when tooth enamel gets eroded or the neck of the tooth, the dentine gets exposed. Some other discomfort factors have also contributed to the sensitivity issue like a cracked or chipped tooth, cavity etc. Sometimes, a dental procedure like bleaching can also be a culprit.

The Revolutionary Aid to Sensitivity

The tooth mousse is a revolutionary product which is developed by the team of experts in order to combat various tooth related issues like cavity, decay, sensitivity etc. It contains the phosphate and calcium derived from the casein, a milk protein which works in re-mineralizing the eroded enamel of the tooth. The damage done to the surface of the tooth can be reversed. It has been recommended by several dentists for tooth sensitivity, early decay, lesions etc.

Easy to Apply Characteristic of Tooth Mousse

The tooth mousse can be simple to use and a very small amount is required to rub over the surface of the teeth twice a day using fingertips. It has been advised that people suffering from sensitivity issues must leave the mousse for three minutes and no need to rinse it with water. There are different flavours in mousse and you can choose as per your preference.

The strength of depleted enamel can be regained with regular use of the mousse on the damaged surface. It provides a protective layer to the damaged area of teeth and protects it from erosion and decay. If you are seeking a fluoride treatment, then applying tooth mousse may accelerate the penetration rate of fluoride which can reverse the effect of sensitivity and decay. It can prevent the need for filling as well.

Tooth Mousse for Sensitivity Issue

It has been a very effective product for the people suffering from sensitivity when they consume cold and hot beverage. The enamel surface of the tooth can re-mineralized as tooth mousse bind the protein and essentially fills the holes smaller in size in the enamel of the tooth. Those who are suffering from reflux and have sensitive teeth, dentists often recommended them to use the tooth mousse.

To prevent sensitivity, tooth mousse can be used prior to whitening and post-bleaching. It builds a resistance layer to stain and helps the teeth to stay white for a longer time. The regular use of mousse can slowly whiten the unbleached teeth also.


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