MyHairTR is a VIP hair transplant company focused on delivering the highest quality care.

Hair transplant is an operation that requires a serious care. Because of that if you decided to get a hair transplantation you should get it in a trustworthy clinic. MyHairTR is one of the best hair transplant service in Istanbul, Turkey. There are so many reasons that people more particularly choose MyHairTR.

The main reason is MyHairTR has an experienced team of medical professionals have performed over 10,000 operations in 18 years. The other reason is they give a full service. They serves the high comfortable place you are going to stay, luxury transfers and interpreter for you.

MyHairTR will give you the quick hair transplant. You do not have to wait for too long for a hair transplantation. If you booked in MyHairTR, they will give you the appointment as soon as possible.

MyHairTR is one of the quality places that you should get a hair transplant. They do all of the tests which required before and after the hair transplantation. They try to give you the best care you need for.

The doctors will inform you about the procedure and tell you what you should or should not do before the operation. Such as, you should not be drinking alcohol or something included caffeine. You must be following that instruction if you want to get a successful hair transplantation operation.

MyHairTR provides you a place to stay (5 stars hotel) and a luxury transfers. Also, they make sure that a interpreter will escort you during the time in Istanbul.

MyHairTr will take to your hotel and ask you get rest of the day. Because you will be under the anesthesia and you should be resting. The following day, if you prefer MyHairTR provide you city tour program with the interpreter. Meanwhile, you have to take your medicines that doctors prescribed.

Your transplanted hair will show them self 6 months to one year after the hair transplantation with FUE Method.

My hair tr has another hair transplantation methods also.

You might want to choose The LHT Method, if you want your hair to be unclear.

Unlike other methods, there are no scars occur on your head  and you do not need a bandage. Besides, you do not have to wait your hair to grow for months.

It is possible to attain hair density with the LHT method without lagging behind your social life by preserving the length of your hair without having to suspend any plans within the busy tempo of your life.

The LHT hair transplantation system offers you many advantages and comfort, with a much faster healing process than other techniques.

Briefly a person who decides to change his appearance is determined to change his life. You want to choose the safest, most comfortable, and the most enjoyable way at the implementation stage of this important decision you make.

This is exactly where Myhairtr come in!