Is there any solution for Male Pattern Hair Loss?



Male pattern baldness is also called as the androgenic alopecia. It can occur in both female and male and it is related to the hormones. The male pattern baldness is also linked with genetic predisposition. It is said that if any of your family member was suffering from this condition then there are high chances that you will also suffer from this condition in the future. It is said that 70% of the men is having the potential of developing Male Pattern Hair Loss.


Symptoms of male pattern baldness


There are several reasons why you are suffering from sudden hair loss, but it is very important to know the cause behind it. Unlike other head thinning procedure, with male pattern baldness you will be experiencing hair loss gradually with time. In many females, this specific type of hair thinning is also noticed.

The beginning symptoms may start from the receding hairline. You can also experience some circular bald spots of several sizes starting from the shape of a coin to large sizes on the scalp. Many individuals are also suffering from this condition even on their beard.


If you have taken some medications that were related to critical treatments like chemotherapy, then you will be experiencing hair loss from the body and head.


How to combat male pattern baldness


Male pattern baldness is a natural process and it is quite linked with your ageing process and overall health. If you want to treat this condition then you can definitely use some herbal ways, and if you are not getting fruitful outcomes, then you should visit a hair specialist who will guide you on how to overcome this situation.

You should also avoid making braids or ponytails with tight hairstyles and stop using harmful chemical products on your hair along with refraining the use of hot rollers or hair straighteners.


Hair transplantation for coping up with the male pattern baldness

You can definitely opt for the hair transplantation where the hair specialist will be using different ways for treating the baldness. They can use follicular unit transplantation or the follicular unit extraction. So the entire process will take near about 4-8 hours and after the completion of the surgery, you will be able to see the growth of normal hair after the transplanted hair is falling off.


If you want the best hair specialist to take care of your male pattern baldness then you should definitely considered The Malta Hair clinic. They will be using unique and effective tools for treating your condition and they are having a decent amount of experience in order to ensure success after the surgery completes.