How To Lose Weight

We all love that moderate and ideal sized body form, but unfortunately, we don’t get to own that excellent body thanks to excess fat within the body or a problem with the metabolism process of your body or perhaps, your healthy lifestyle.

This isn’t an athletic class where you go around with twenty to thirty push-ups daily to lose weight and other weight loss programs recommended by bodybuilders. Little doubt they work on the long-standing time, however, you simply burn a few calories or even 1kg to 2kg in a month moreover, the exercise also has its side effects like stress and stroke.

Yes, we have a tendency to square measure thus desperate to lose weight, however why lose weight when we have no idea of what causes us to gain that extra weight.

Briefly, let’s check out some major factors that cause an increase in our weight.

The Role of Inactive Lifestyle in Weight Gain

Sedentary lifestyle usually results in excess weight gain because we mostly are fixated at a point or on our couch throughout our leisure time instead of being active by taking part in some extracurricular activities. The following are how our inactive lifestyle leads to weight gain and also affect our body:

  • Staying in a single position for a long period of time burns few calories in our body, especially in our modern world where we have to sit thirteen hours working on a desk with our fancy MacBook pro.
  • Loss of muscle, strength and endurance as a result of our muscles inactivity for an awfully very long time.
  • Metabolism process in our body is affected, impeding the process of fats and sugar in our body.

The above are few of the effects of an inactive lifestyle on our weight. From a broader perspective, it simply does not have any effect on our weight instead it affects our health inflicting a rise in the risk of obesity, stroke, polygenic disease or metabolic syndrome.

The Role of Diets in Weight Gain

High intake of food with more than 700 calories on a daily basis increases your weight by a pound in a week. The continual consumption of food with carbohydrates or fat rather than the consumption of foods rich in protein causes an increase in your weight.

When we eat and how we eat even have its result on our weight, ingestion quicker ends up in a rise in weight, though ingestion slowly does not imply that we have a tendency to cut back our weight. Instead, you must attempt to have a balanced kind of ingestion.

We examined factors that end up in weight gain, however, let’s check out a way to cut back our weight since you appear not thus comfortable with your present weight.

Weight loss has been seen as the reduction in the number of calories in our body, and that seems correct however solely to an extent. Having a healthy diet and exercise is additionally an effective technique in reducing your weight whereas increasing muscle. I recommend you join the aerobic training group for your exercise.

Moreover, you can pay attention to the following to how to lose weight:

  • Reduce your consumption of foods high in carbohydrates and focus moderately on meals with protein and vegetables.
  • Control the portion of the food you eat, however, this could be done moderately to forestall under eating.
  • Always stay hydrated and also reduce or replace drinks that are high in calories and carbohydrates for drinks lower in fat and sugar.
  • You can conjointly use medicine like Orlistat and Duromine which are available in Australia, however, guarantee to consult your doctor on its correct usage.


In following the necessary procedure on how to lose your weight, ensure to check your body mass index to determine if you are thin, overweight or within a healthy range, this way you can track the standing of your weight.

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