How effective is Nizoral Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss can be an issue for men, but it would be severe issue for women. No women would like to go bald. Hair has been the major beauty aspect for women. In the present times, men have also started to consider hair loss as a major concern. Unlike some people, who would not worry about hair loss or do not believe in the several available treatments for hair loss, let us delve into nizoral hair loss treatment for those who look forward to treating their hair loss problem.

About nizoral hair loss shampoo

Nizoral hair loss shampoo has been deemed as the perfect product for eliminating dandruff. It has been believed to be highly effective in prevention of hair loss. Nizoral has been known to come from two different potencies. It would be effective at reversing hair loss in the balding and thinning areas on the scalp. The mild shampoo has been known to comprise 1% ketoconazole. The medication has been used for eliminating the source of hair loss. It would also assist you in enhancing the volume and thickness of your hair. Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo available at 2% potency of ketoconazole has been deemed highly effective in treatment of severe cases of dry scalp and dandruff.

Effectiveness of nizoral hair loss shampoo

Several clinical researches have shown that nizoral hair loss shampoo has been able to stop hair loss by approximately 16%, as compared to people who make use of other brands. Nizoral has been deemed highly effective in relieving itchiness and scalp inflammation while stimulating scalp for growth of hair. The active ingredient in the nizoral hair loss shampoo has been ketoconazole, at 1 or 2% potency. It has been proven to lower DHT levels in the user.

When DHT levels in the body have been lowered effectively, the nizoral hair loss shampoo would help the body stimulate follicles on the head while promoting hair growth production. It has also been used as anti-fungal product for your scalp. Tackling of dandruff would help you cleanse the skin on your head and stimulate hair follicles. Nizoral would assist in producing thick and lush hair in a matter of few months.