How To Start a New Healthy Lifestyle With The Bali Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is a very much spoken of subject around the coffee circuits of the world, be it in the West or the East, this hot topic crops up due to the sheer anonymity of the problem which has become, quite “weighty” to many.

There is no argument that it is our undisciplined lifestyle that has created all the fuss about this very popular subject and the uncontrolled eating habits that we have callously followed over the last few decades.

Our traditional eating habits have been thrown to the winds and the prolific use of the automobile has deprived us of the required exercise which our bodies were blessed the same time period ago.

All these factors have snowballed into a lifestyle where our inputs in terms of calories are much greater than the output we would dispense hence this tilt in the equilibrium to the wrong side has brought us to this cross road in life.

Obesity a universal problem

It is no joke that 37% of Americans are obese and this figure is rising, there are more Indians and Chinese obese than the populations of Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries put together.

The situation is quite alarming and if we do not correct ourselves soon the world would have more people who are obese than those who are not and when it comes to that equation, we would see very much more health problems cropping all over the world.

The solution would be to change our lifestyle which is easier said, than done and to do so we may need to make a herculean task towards that objective.

Changing our lifestyles

We could start by first making our minds up as to what would be the best course of action that we could take to ensure that we try to get up and then walk away from the problem we are encountering. The problem of obesity!

There is one place on this resplendent planet that could help us out of our predicament and that is in the far, forgotten corners of the Far East, in a lush green, small enclave of an island called Bali, home to the Bali Weight Loss Retreat & Resort.

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The Bali experience

A experience like never before would sweep off your feet when you experience what this beautiful country has to offer which would change the way you think of your next meal or nature’s gift to mankind, our body.

Luxury weight loss holidays in this exotic part of the world would keep you spellbound forever and the experience of a lifetime would transform you into different person altogether, to look at life from an entirely different perspective.

To kick start a new lifestyle and to believe that weight loss is manageable and would need only some prudent thinking to change our callous lifestyles and uncontrolled intake of unhealthy food, the Bali experience would be the answer.

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Design your tailor made weight loss program

Once you arrive at Bali, your present physical condition would be evaluated and accordingly a comprehensive weight loss program would be initiated.

Detoxing your body with age old traditional concoctions consisting of locally sourced herbs and laying out a sumptuous but healthy diet consisting of fresh exotic fruits, greens, cereals and other healthy cuisine would be what flare you would be dished out with during your stay.

Fitness routines too would be tailor made as we understand that each of our guests would need a different approach and there cannot be a universal program for all and that has been the success that has been achieved in Bali.

A program just for you

Those guests with inherent medical problems apart from obesity would be evaluated on those prevalent issues and a diet which would be consistent to the problem would be designed.

Our in house medical experts traditional and modern would be always at hand to ensure that all health issues are taken into consideration prior to any diet or other natural foods are permitted.

We are aware that a week or two of a healthy weight loss program would not bring out results that would be envisaged which we do not anticipate too and expect our guests to understand that fact.

But what we are trying to achieve is a long term lifestyle change which once initiated could be continued by our guests which would take them on a much healthier path, if they wish to follow it, which we are sure they would.

A different YOU!

We would also provide the required tips and training in the art of preparing healthy foods which our guests could take along with them and change their food habits and ensure they consume only the best of the best healthy food which are available even far away from Bali.

Our objective in this whole exercise is to create a NEW YOU, who would enjoy food but only the healthy ones and we are sure you would agree too, once you have gone through the traditional Bali experience.

We will ensure that you are motivated with the knowledge that weight loss is achievable and with the proper food, exercise and mental and physical equilibrium you could bring back your life from where it was and inspire you on.

Our traditional health programs have always been centered on a balanced diet, which would be conducive to good health and it is our desire to ensure that you too would enjoy it to the optimum and return home to a healthier lifestyle.