Health Benefits of Wine You Didn’t Know

You have probably heard that wine is good for your health. But, you may also have heard that you shouldn’t drink much of it every day. Wine is always at the center of happiness.  We carry it whenever we eat out in our favorite bring your own wine restaurant and also drink it with home prepared dinner.

Whenever individuals gather for a celebration, a bottle of wine will always find its way to the table. It relaxes both the body and mind and brings smiles to people’s faces.  A glass of wine here and there is actually good for your health since new studies seem to be constantly backing the health benefits of drinking wine.

Read on to find out some of the exciting health benefits of wine that you didn’t know.

Wine Contains Powerful Antioxidants

In the battle against fighting off free radicals usually found in the bloodstream that cause a wide range of health problems such as cancer, wine could provide the perfect solution. Wine is packed with powerful antioxidants that attack and destroy the free radicals lurking in your bloodstream.  

However, when choosing your wine for antioxidants, always go for white wine. A recent study at the University of Barcelona established that the phenols contained in white wine had higher antioxidants than those in red wine.

Drinking Wine Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Various studies show that drinking moderate amounts of red wine- one glass per day- can help reduce the risk of heart diseases, especially among individuals with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar levels.  

Scientific research shows that drinking moderate amounts of red wine can lower the blood sugar level for up to 24 hours. Average wine consumption can also reduce the risk of heart failure and improve blood pressure. This is due to the plant-antioxidant compounds referred to as flavonoids that are present in the skins of grapes used to produce wine.

It Can Improve Mental Health

The powerful antioxidants found in both red and white wine can help reduce the stickiness of blood platelets that plays a critical role in keeping your blood vessels open and flexible. This helps your heart to stay healthy and also improves blood circulation.

Improved blood circulation enables your body to maintain proper blood supply to your brain which lowers the risk for brain and mental impairment.

Increases Bone Density

Typically, as you age, your bones get more brittle. To help maintain healthy bones, you need to improve your calcium intake. And to increase your calcium intake, you can either start drinking a lot of milk, or sip a glass of wine daily.

Both red and white wine that you enjoy in your favorite bring your own wine restaurant have high levels of silicon which is excellent for your bone mineral density. The silicon increases your bone density while lowering the chances of osteoporosis. Just like a few glasses of milk, a glass of wine can also help you doze off at night.

Reduces Stress

Lastly, we have to talk about a benefit that most women out there are quite familiar with. Several studies have established that there is a strong association between moderate wine consumption and lower levels of anxiety, depression, and perceived stress. In other words, drinking one glass of wine every day may help you avoid stress.