Health Benefits Of Using Unglazed Clay For Cooking

Have you ever seen people of rural area cooking in the clay pot? At the ancient time, clay pot and unglazed clay used to cook food always not because of the fewer facilities but, it gives many benefits. An unglazed clay pot and the cooker is again emerging and popular on online e-commerce website for selling.  Still, there are many people who do not agree to use this product because of the slow cooking process.

Meanwhile, it is also hard to make pure clay pots as they are glazed and may be dangerous with regular use. But, here are some benefits that will show why unglazed clay is better for you:

  • Unglazed earthen or clay pot can add its own taste to the dish that’s cooked in it.
  • It gives food an earthy taste and aroma.
  • Apart from that, it is better of you because it keeps bacteria away.
  • Food cooked in it non-toxic and healthy.
  • The food prepared of this is of low fat and contains low cholesterol.
  • As, it is slow in process of cooking, it retains the texture of food.

As per the Ayurveda Specialist at Dr. Vaidya’s, Dr. Surya Bhagwati, “cooking in a clay pot not only has a variety of health benefits but also makes for an easier cooking process and in the end, a more flavorful and nutritious dish. Due to its numerous health benefits, Ayurveda suggests cooking in a clay pot. Cooking in a clay pot is much better than cooking in a normal utensil, not just for its various health benefits, but also makes it much simpler to cook and improves the quality of the food at the end.”

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