Hairline Lowering vs. Hair Transplant

You may come across different hair transplant options made available for the patients. These would help you grow hair on the head with ease. It would be pertinent to mention here that during the past decade or so, Hair Transplant techniques have grown with the people worldwide. You would come across several options that would make it imperative for men and women to study their respective choices in order to decide the right hair transplant option suitable to their specific needs and budget.

Several patients having high hairline or relatively tall forehead and not having ongoing hair loss would be presented with a unique set of options. They would be given the option of making the most of traditional hair transplant or hairline lowering procedure.

Understanding the Difference between the Two Procedures

The major difference between the two procedures would be as follows:

  • Hairline Lowering being surgical scalp advancement operation. It would entail stretching of the prevalent frontal hair. The frontal hair would be moved further down towards the eyebrows after removal of the strip of forehead skin. The surgical scalp advancement operation would lower the hairline.
  • You would be able to achieve a similar goal with hair transplant treatment. It would take the strips or tiny plugs of hair from the rear of the patients head and move them to the front of the head. It would require roughly 2000-4000 follicular unit grafts similar to average hairline lowering operation. It would help you gain requisite density.

Nonetheless, the major difference between the two procedures would be one being surgical scalp advancement operation and others were not.

Which treatment would be more beneficial?

The benefits of these two procedures would be dependent on the scenario of one patient to another. It would be pertinent to mention here that hair transplant would be done on the patient who has been dealing with male or female pattern hair loss. In event of the patient having ongoing hair loss, they would be likely to benefit more from these treatments.

In such case, hair transplant would be a better option, as the surgeon would be transplanting better hairs than the ones already existing in the front of the head. Nonetheless, in event of the patient having a hereditary high hairline that has not changed much since the childhood or teenage, Hairline Lowering would be a better option, as it would be providing immediate results suitable to your specific needs. It would also be moving more hair to the front of the head. It would not be wrong to suggest that a flexible scalp would be the key to the preexisting condition when you actually choose this approach.

Regardless, the option you choose it would be pertinent that you should be having the right one suitable to your needs and budget.