Foods That Help You Recover From a Cough

It’s never fun having to deal with a cough. Without even taking into account the root of it, which could be anything from a viral infection to a more serious ailment, it can be so annoying and uncomfortable and even downright debilitating and painful.

Even if you still have to contend with the actual cause, it’s good to get some long-acting cough relief. Food typically helps. It has been known to make you sick, but it has also been known to make you well. It really depends on what you choose to consume.

Diet for Cough Relief

If you want to get some rest from consistent coughing, you need to make sure that you’re taking in the right nutrients and staying away from possible irritants and other foods that might make your cough worse.

If you’re coughing, follow a diet that helps achieve the following:

  • Loosening phlegm
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Offering muscle relief
  • Boosting the immune system

What are the foods and drinks that figure into this kind of diet?

1.      Warm Soup

This may seem more like comfort food and not an actual remedy. Warm soup, however, does more than make you feel cozy. The hot liquid does the job of thinning your mucus. Besides this, it also soothes your irritated throat.

Depending on the soup you get, you may get many more benefits than the two mentioned. If you go for something that’s packed with nutrients, then it’s all the better for you. Ideally, your soup would be wholesome and hearty with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, as well as micronutrients that give your immune system a boost.

2.      Pineapple

Google “natural cough remedy” and you’ll see bromelain listed among the results. Bromelain is not food in itself, but a mixture of enzymes that is found in food, particularly pineapple. It boasts the effect of loosening mucus and suppressing cough. For this reason, many tend to urge loved ones they hear coughing to drink pineapple juice.

3.      Spicy Dishes

These usually have chili peppers in them, which have capsaicin. This chili pepper active component has many medicinal properties, one of which is that of expectorant. It also has the ability to loosen mucus, making it easy for you to expel phlegm.

4.      Raw Garlic

Garlic, on the other hand, has allicin, which is an antimicrobial compound that kills viruses or bacteria responsible for your cough. Keep this in mind when you make soup to treat a cough. It’s a good idea to include garlic and chili peppers in it for extra cough-busting strength.

5.      Fruits and Vegetables

Besides pineapples, other fruits are also good to eat when you have a cough. Vegetables are also highly recommended when you’re under the weather. These are known to be nutritious, packed with antioxidants that will strengthen your immune system and generally boost your health.

6.      Water

It’s generally a good idea to drink plenty of fluids when you’re sick. Water is the most wholesome option as it doesn’t contain possible irritants or immune system inhibitors. It will keep you hydrated, which is essential to good health, as well as flush out the toxins in your system.

7.      Honey Tea

Warm herbal tea thins phlegm as well as soothes the throat. Depending on the herb involved, it may have other beneficial properties. Adding honey is not only for sweetening your drink but for deriving its antibacterial benefits as well.

8.      Multivitamin Supplements

In addition to actual food, take supplements to ensure that you’re not missing out on essential vitamins and minerals. Your body can always use the health boost when it’s not at its best. This way, your immune system can be in a better position to fight off your illness.

9.      Probiotics

Your gut flora has a huge influence on your well-being. Taking probiotic supplements or eating food with natural probiotics will balance out the bacteria in your gut. Kimchi is a good option since not only does it have probiotic lactic acid bacteria, but it also has lots of spices.

Eat Your Cough Away

If you want some cough relief, take some medicine and then reinforce its effects by tweaking your diet to include the above and exclude anything that would aggravate your cough.