Blood Glucose Analysis: the Blood Sugar Level

The daily challenge faced by people with diabetes is to control blood sugar, that is, the amount of sugar in the blood; in the diabetic patient the tendency is obviously to have a too high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), but the opposite condition is also no more dangerous, that is a too low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Part of the blood glucose is used to produce energy while the rest is stored as glycogen, ready to be mobilized when needed.

There are various hormones responsible for the concentration of blood sugar:

Insulin: which is naturally produced in response to elevated blood sugar levels and promotes its absorption in cells

Glucagon: which has the opposite role, Secreted in response to a drop in blood glucose, it promotes its release from the cells.

This hormonal control normally helps maintain a normal blood glucose level. But in some cases, the blood sugar level may be higher or lower than the reference values and may be the cause of various disorders.

Why We Need a Glucose Test

The doctor prescribes a blood glucose test if he suspects diabetes.

But it is a routine test that the doctor offers regularly always in the following cases:

  • Slimming
  • Attention disorder
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Thirst
  • Discomfort
  • Pregnancy

What are the Factors of Variation?

  • There are several factors that can vary blood sugar levels:
  • The amount of food intake
  • The distance to the meal
  • The physical exercise performed
  • It can also vary slightly from one individual to another.

How is the Analysis Done?

The blood glucose is measured by taking venous blood (usually in the fold of the elbow), in a medical analysis laboratory. The doctor will give further details as to whether or not drugs have been taken for patients on treatment and when recommend drugs for such medical condition make sure quality and good drugs are taken, online pharmacy provides you with all drugs required for the treatment and also provide the information you need in the absence of the doctor.

In most cases, an oral hyperglycemia test. It is a question of analyzing the glycemia 2 hours after having drunk a sweet solution, to see how the organism manages or not to regulate the blood glucose concentration.

It is advisable we carry out exercise and take a balanced diet to maintain the blood sugar level.