At What Age Should You Take Your Kids to the Dentist?

Experts recommend that a child visit a dentist at about one year of age, or within six months of getting the first tooth. There are several reasons why having scheduled a dentist visit for your child at an early age is so important. These are:

  • A one-year old isn’t likely to be afraid of visiting a dentistry for kids Kennewick WA practice. A two or three-year old, on the other hand, may be anxious and worried. Helping your young child get used to seeing the dentist regularly is a key to life-long dental health.
  • The health of a child’s primary teeth will affect the health of his or her permanent teeth.
  • Losing baby teeth too early due to decay will cause the remaining teeth to shift, resulting in crooked teeth.
  • Young children need all their primary teeth to chew and speak properly.

If your child is past one year of age and still hasn’t seen a dentist, it’s wise to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Prepare your child for the big day by talking about what the dentist will do and allowing the child to “play” dentist with you at home. You can even promise your child a treat after the appointment; however, avoid offering junk food as a reward for behaving well in the dentist’s office.

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