8 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing After Your Facial

Whether you’re going to a professional for regular facials or you’ve just scheduled your first one, you want to make sure that your skin is receiving the full benefits of your treatments.

However, there are certain things that you could be doing after your facial that could reduce its effectiveness.

What NOT to do after your facial

  1. Frequently touch or pick your skin

Your skin is going to be quite sensitive after your facial so it’s best to leave it alone so that it can heal. Even though there may be a few blemishes that pop up, it’s important to not squeeze or pick at them if you want your facial to work in the way that it should. Picking at your skin can not only make you breakout but it can create scars too.

  1. Apply heavy makeup

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to a facial and sometimes your skin will look a little red or swollen after your treatment. Even though you may be tempted to haul out your makeup bag to cover this up, it’s best to give your skin a break from your usual products. Your skin is also a bit more prone to bacteria during this stage so using makeup sponges or brushes on it could have a negative effect.

  1. Hit the gym

Your freshly-exfoliated skin is not going to like the heat and sweat and you could break out into a rash if you work out on the day of or the day after your facial. If you really want to hit the gym, rather do it the day before your luxury facial at London Clinic on the Gold Coast.

  1. Sweat it out in a sauna

Again, if you would like to take advantage of a steam room or sauna, it’s best to do it before your treatment to avoid irritating your skin. Since your skin will also be steamed during your treatment, any further steaming could lead to heightened sensitivity and even broken capillaries.

  1. Use a facial scrub

If you already use an exfoliator at home, it’s best to steer clear of it for a few days after your facial as over-exfoliating your skin can damage its protective layer, resulting in inflammation and other irreversible damage.

  1. Apply an at-home treatments

Again, if there are certain products and masks that you use at home, it’s best not to use them for a few days to give your skin time to heal and settle after your facial.

  1. Catch a tan

Your skin has just been steamed and exfoliated, which means it’s incredibly sensitive. Sitting in the sun can put you at risk of damaging your skin so it’s better to stay indoors for a day or two after your facial. If you do need to head outdoors, be sure to wear a sunscreen with a very high SPF.

  1. Get a wax

If facial waxing is a part of your beauty routine, it’s best to schedule your appointment a week before or after your luxury facial. If you wax any areas of your face too soon after your facial, you can actually lift the skin and scar.