7 Tips For Caravanning In Cornwall

Find out how to caravan in Cornwall making the most of the incredible coastline and many amazing areas of South-West England.

There are nearly 300 miles of gorgeous coastline around Cornwall and it is all stunning. With the beautiful views, amazing food, stunning villages and various other draws, Cornwall is a firm favourite with caravanners across the country. Whether you are new to caravanning or an old hand and want to make the most of this amazing part of the UK, we have 7 great tips to help you plan your next coastal caravan adventure.

  1. Look Inland

Of course the coast is just stunning, but there are lots of amazing parks and areas of Cornwall sat inland. Beautiful forests and incredible greenery, walks and areas to explore. This is especially important to remember if you want to park up away from the most expensive areas with sea views.

  1. Be Wary Of The Sat Nav

The Sat Nav has a horrible habit of dragging vehicles down dirt roads that do qualify as proper roads in Cornwall but your caravan won’t agree. Be really careful with your driving route, checking the roads your Sat Nav wants you to use.

  1. Mixup Preened & Wild Sites

Campsites vary wildly in Cornwall, from grass preened sites with picturesque spots to much wilder sites which allow fires and foraging. Do mix your camping experience with both types of sites and everything in between so that you have a varied trip.

  1. Take A Good Hoover

One of the things you will notice after every trip to Cornwall is that sand is everywhere. With your caravan, this will be very noticeable if you don’t take a good hoover with you. A small handheld hoover will be very handy when you’re de-sanding your caravan after an amazing day at the beach.

  1. Appreciate The Coastline In Different Ways

A really great aspect of having a caravan is that it fits lots of kit inside. Kites, surfboards, hiking equipment and more might not fit in a car but you can squeeze it inside your caravan. You needn’t have the kit to enjoy the coastline though. You can hire surfboards and other equipment almost anywhere in the high season in Cornwall. Or you can simply enjoy the many free ways to enjoy the coastline with lots of walks and rambling on lots of gorgeous routes.

  1. Plan Ahead If You Take Dogs

Unfortunately a lot of Cornwall has dog bans on the beaches and caravans can be too hot to leave dogs in whilst you go out for the day. Be ready to work around your pets, and consider going to Cornwall off-season for plenty of pooch-based beach time without breaking any laws.

  1. Book Your Sites Well In Advance

Look into where you want to park well in advance because the most popular sites in Cornwall are booked way ahead at popular times. This is especially true with any caravan with a sea view or within walking distance of a popular seaside town.

Caravanning in Cornwall is incredibly rewarding and it is worth spending a good few weeks down there at least, if you are able to. Just be aware of popular areas, small roads and restrictions that you might need to plan your trip around. With some foresight, a wonderful adventure awaits you.

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So you won’t have to worry about theft or damage during the colder months and when you are ready for your next adventure you won’t have to worry about all that cleaning beforehand.


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