5 Home Cleaning Ingredients You Must Have

We list the cleaning substances that will shine, buff and sanitise your house.

Keeping the house spic and span every day can be quite a task. But there is no need to invest in several chemical-laden soaps and detergents: your house already holds the ingredients you need to give your house the deep clean it deserves.

Stock up on these 5 must-have house cleaning ingredients (be sure not to use any of them on wooden surfaces):

#1. Disinfectant liquid.

This is by far the best and most versatile item on this list. A good antibacterial disinfectant liquid serves as a good home cleaning substance by helping you disinfect and sanitise hard surfaces around the house, from taps to floors. The liquid is mixed with water (refer to the pack for instructions and dosage). You can wipe the surfaces using this liquid to kill 99.9% germs and infectious microbes lurking on surfaces. Allow the cleaned surface to air dry.

#2. Hydrogen peroxide.

This mild acid is lethal on dirt and germs. Use it undiluted to remove the scum and gunk at the base of taps, around the drain traps, tile joints and other hard surfaces where you notice dirt. On contact with the dirt and gunk, it starts bubbling at once and loosening it from the surface. Wash off with hot water after half an hour to reveal clean, dirt-free surfaces. Be careful to wear gloves while handling hydrogen peroxide.

#3. Rock salt or table salt.

Salt has abrasive qualities that make it a useful home cleaning agent in conjunction with other, harsher substances. But you can use it as is: take one teaspoon of rock salt on a microfiber cloth or duster, and give your kitchen sink and bathroom wash basin a brisk rubdown. The salt loosens water stains, surface gunk and other impurities. It is also harsh on germs – prepare a concentrated salt solution and soak the clothes of a sick family member to kill microbes and viral germs, and to disinfect the fabric.

#4. White vinegar.

White vinegar provides multipurpose home cleaning service. It can be used to disinfect: mix one-part vinegar with one-part water and wipe down your cook top and serving area once a day for germ-free surfaces. You can add vinegar to a bowl of water, and heat the water in your microwave oven: the steam rising from the bowl loosens the dirt stuck inside the oven and sanitises it safely from the inside. Undiluted vinegar can be used to clean out your toilet bowl, tile grout and glass shutters.

#5. Baking soda.

This humble kitchen ingredient can be mixed with table salt and used to scrub tiles, taps, metal knobs, stained tea cups and soap scum on bathroom floors. You can also mix it with lemon juice and/or borax for deep cleaning of stubborn dirt or stains.