5 Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or ‘CBD Oil’ is one of the most popular health trends in the world right now, and for good reason. This compound in cannabis plants and products has been found to be effective in treating an array of ailments from pain relief to anxiety. Better yet, cannabidiol is not psychoactive like it’s counterpart THC. It’s a compound that is extracting from the plant and paired with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil. This makes it the perfect solution for anyone who has been looking for the benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects of the plant.

1 It Can Help Aid Pain Relief

This is largely due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. In many patients, pain was lowered by the cannabidiol oil working to reduce pain and numb receptors responsible for pain. In more serious conditions like multiple sclerosis, a combination of both THC and CBD were found to be more effective than cannabidiol oil alone.

To translate: If you’re experiencing mild chronic pain and are looking for help, you can buy CBD oil and get relief. If you’re unable to rise in the morning, you will likely want to look into mixtures that still have THC to aid in relief.

2 Might Reduce Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Anyone living with anxiety and depression knows that the symptoms of these diseases can easily disrupt daily life and the bigger picture, too. These diseases are typically treated with pharmaceutical drugs, leaving many patients to try multiple different prescriptions before finding some that works for them. CBD has the ability to interact with the neurotransmitters responsible for serotonin production. Though it doesn’t work for everyone, many people have found relief from their symptoms by consuming CBD oil.

3 Might Reduce Your Acne

Pairing along with its anti inflammatory properties, CBD may also be able to aid acne sufferers from recurring breakouts. This magical compound can interact with sebum production and in some cases, relieve users of excessive acne.  More research is likely to be done and even now you can see a surplus of cannabidiol oil related products on the beauty market.

4 May Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is linked to heart disease. Heart disease and its many forms are the number causes of death worldwide. Using quality CBD Oil has shown to affect two functions of the body that contribute to and help control risk factors for heart disease:

  • Stress levels. Much like how cannabidiol oil can help with anxiety and depression, it does the same for stress. Stress is a heavy contributor to heart disease. More often than not, it’s part of the package response when you ask the doctor: Why did this happen? Reducing stress will help anyone lower their blood pressure, and thus the benefit of CBD to heart health.
  • Blood pressure. Blood pressure is like a compass on your health health. When it’s high, so is your risk. Recent studies have found that men consuming at least 600mg a day found their blood pressure lowering.

If you’re suffering from heart disease or are simply looking for ways to reduce your risk factors, talk to your doctor about implementing CBD into your health regime.

5 Helps Reduce Seizures

If you or someone you love is living with a seizure disorder, CBD may help reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. In fact, the New England Journal of medicine saw that when administering CBD oil to their patients with Dravet syndrome, there was a 38% decrease in seizure activity.  38% is a big deal! Ask a doctor about whether or not canncidol oil may be a good fit for your seizure disorder. This is an especially good idea for anyone looking for more natural approach to seizure relief.


CBD Oil is not just a health trend. With all the research before poured into cannabis plants and their benefits, we’re only going to see the benefits of using cannabidiol oil increase as the years go by. Though we may not have all the answers now, each passing year will bring new advancements in the way we look at health as well as the amount of natural options on the market.

Have you used CBD Oil? Why? Share your experience with cannabis oil in the comments.